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Whole House UV Water Purifier

whole house uv water purifier

Get Piece of Mind – From Every Tap

It doesn’t matter if you have city water or your own private well. A simple water main break or crack in well casing could compromise your water safety.

A whole house UV water purifier is a smart way to make sure you have safe drinking water.

Ultraviolet Technology

UV Systems are designed to be part of a complete water treatment system. For best performance, a sediment pre-filter and water softener should be installed before a UV system.

Once you reduce hardness and iron, you can literally harness the power of the sun to protect against bacteria and virus!

Ultraviolet technology has several key advantages:

  • Inactivates 99.9% of microorganisms
  • LP coated lamps rated for 9,000 hours
  • No chemicals added to water
  • No monthly maintenance
  • Doesn’t affect taste or smell or water

You get purified, safer drinking water – from every tap in your home!

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