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Water Softeners

RevV4 Water Softener

RevV4 – Premium Water Softener

What makes the RevV4 Water Softener a better choice than other systems on the market?

First, the RevV4 is built with stainless steel and fire-hardened ceramic components. It’s built like a naval ship, not a plastic tinker toy. No pistons to scratch or seals to wear out and go bad.

Second, the controller monitors water use and adjusts on a 52-week model.* It doesn’t just meter water. The whole system actually fine-tunes itself to become more efficient using an entire year’s usage history.

This makes the system more reliable, accurate, and efficient than every other softener.

Best of all, its backed by a full 10 year warranty – over 2x the industry average including a LIFETIME warranty on the tank and valve ceramics.

HS Series Water Softener

HS-SSM Economy Water Softener

The HS-SSM Water Softener is a lower cost option. But it doesn’t skimp on quality or features!

The HS-SSM has a reliable controller that regenerates only as needed. A metered water softener can save up to 50% salt over the old time clock water softeners.

The valve has a simple design that uses high quality, reinforced components. The HS-SSM Series will provide years of trouble-free soft water.

4 sizes are available to meet the needs of different families and water quality. Pargreen Water’s authorized contractors are trained to find the right softener for you.

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