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Whole House Water Filter

RevV4 Iron Filter

Iron Filter Systems

A high quality Iron Filter can be the most important appliance in your home.

Some well water has iron “rust” and bad taste/smell that a softener simply can’t remove. But you don’t need to suffer with laundry stains and stinky water any more.

The Pargreen Water Iron Filter System uses the air we breath to solve nasty water problems. Natural aeration causes metals and gases to oxidize and settle out of the water. An automatic flush removes that oxidized debris on a routine schedule.

This whole house filter will give you fresh water that doesn’t stain – without harsh chemicals like other systems!

REvV4 Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter Systems

Most city water contains chlorine. This powerful disinfectant is great at killing bacteria.

But chlorine and other chemicals can give water a poor taste and smell. Who wants to drink out of a swimming pool?

The Pargreen Water Whole House Carbon Filter is a great tool to remove chlorine and other chemicals from your water. Your entire home and family gets added protection.

This whole house filter is a “green” solution. No monthly service required. The system automatically rinses itself out with minimal water to keep working its best.

You’ll enjoy filtered drinking water from every tap – its better for dry skin and hair too!

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